Nai Yang Beach, located in the National park, is a long sand beach white bordered of immense tamaris thus offering much shade it is the place privileged between November and March of the giant tortoises of sea which come pondrent the night their egg while rising on the beach.

If you attend such a spectacle remain rather discrete and especially do not disturb them.

The island of very whole PHUKET is splendid and in particular the west coast, north and south, offering majestic landscapes with a palette which one does not find no share elsewhere than here.

The island is undulating hills recouvertent of a tropical vegetation to the scent and the landscape of dream.

The beaches, the bays and the sea emerald with its coral solid masses and its multicoloured fish offer to you a spectacle without comparison accessible to all only with one mask and of the palms.

The plungers submarines will be able to discover through PHUKET, this island and its reserves, of the spectacles single in the world.

Nai Yang Beach, to 1 km of your studio, is a calm beach, bordered of shaded spaces.
Nai Yang is also favourable with the tasting of fish and seafood coldly fished and cooked with the barbecue at the seaside.
Local travelling merchants often install their graver.

In the freshness depths of the forest, you will be able to also join a circuit ecotourism - with hiking or kayak - in the national parks.
The night, there are the cabarets, disco musics, bars and restaurants number will be at your disposal.

The island makes it possible to exert nombresues sports activities.

The sites of deep-sea diving are famous in the whole world, and impassioned pleasure sailing and fishings are found there throughout the year.

Climbing of the cliffs limestones, bicycle any ground, jump with the rubber band…
- trott long tail
- elephants
- horse
- golf
- diving
- snorkling
- massage
- thai boxes
- spectacles
- local markets
- visits of the temples



Health care centres of beauty, spa and massages make their appearance on the island.

As for your children during this stay of many activities will allow you of the occupied ones.